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January 23, 2009

50 mm 1.4

Got a new lens today, a 50 mm 1.4.  So I decided on a new project.  I’m going to do a project of pictures all made with this lens.  The 50 mm project or something.  Here is one of the first pics with it:


50 mm 1.4 Day One

50 mm 1.4 Day One

Maybe I could do a shot a day for 50 days with it, I don’t know yet.

I’m going to force myself to shoot with only this lens for awhile.  I have been using zooms for years and I think I’m a lazy photographer because of it.  With a prime lens, I’ll have to physically move closer or further away from my subjects.  I think it will get me more involved with my photography and subjects.  Sounds good anyway.