Film isn’t dead, yet!

I recently participated in a photo walk with a group I belong to called the Brunswick Photographer’s Guild.  What made this photo walk different was that we were only allowed to use film cameras.  We had a great time and one of the interesting things to come from it was the use of some real antique cameras by some of the photographers.  I used my Hasselblad, a wonderful camera, with TMax 400 film.  I use this film because I can process it myself.

Anyway, we all took lots of pictures and now we are going to meet at Barley and Hops in Frederick to share prints.  “Pints and Prints” we’re calling it.  I’ve already seen some of the pictures some of the others made and it looks like this should be a cool evening.

Here is one of mine.

Porsche copy

We had stopped for a coffee at a little shop and while we sat there people started showing up in the parking lot with Porsches.  How cool is that?  Of course, we all had a good time getting shots of the cars and chatting with the owners.  Anyway, I shot this white Porsche parked along the street.  Sweet old car, I tell ya.

If you want to see some cool pictures go to Brunswick Photographers Guild on flickr.

Get your old film camera out, blow the dust off of it and get out and make some pictures.

Trust me, I will have much more to say about film cameras.



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