A new day for Meagan.

1stDayI took my daughter, Meagan, and all of her stuff, to her dorm room at the University of Maryland today.  We’re all excited and perhaps a bit nervous.  So with a new beginning for her I decided to start a new tradition.  That is, I am going to get a picture of her on the first day of each year, the day we drop her off at the dorm. And when her two brothers start college, I will do the same for them.  A way of keeping track, I suppose, like I like to do with my cameras.  For me, being a visual person, a picture means more to me than just words in a journal alone.

Some pictures are meaningful only to the persons involved in their making.  This shot is in terrible light and I shot it with my G10, not one of my “big” cameras.  I had no fill panels or lights and her face is in shadow and that’s OK.   It means something to Meagan and those of us who love her, but I’m sure it won’t catch anyone else’s interest.  There are some interesting things in the shot.  Notice how all the elements seem to be in balance except the subject, Meagan, she is just left of center in the frame.  I think its a good composition.  Technically Ok, not great.

Sometimes when I look at pictures I can almost feel the moment they were taken.  I can get into the moment and share in what was going on at the time, even though I wasn’t there.  I think we all do that in some way.   Especially with things that are common to most of us, like births, graduations, marriages and all.   There is something real happening that is captured and relived many times through the coming years.  This is another reason why I love photography.

This is a significant moment in our lives. Meagan’s first day at college.  A picture to celebrate.  A picture is a celebration.  Of life.  And all the things we do along the way.

So look at this picture and know that here is something special.  Not a special picture in a technical sense, but a special moment in a girl’s life.  Touching the nose of Testudo on her first day at the University of Maryland.   A new day for Meagan and all the promise it holds.  Go Meagan.  Go Terps.


One Comment to “A new day for Meagan.”

  1. touching the tip of her life – Go Meagan!

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