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July 27, 2010

Who doesn’t like fire trucks?

Just a quick post before I head out the door.  Had the opportunity to shoot this tanker truck from our local volunteer fire dept., of which I am a member.

July 26, 2010

Monday Morning Coffee

It’s Monday.  I just spent the weekend following David duChemin on CreativeLive as he talked about vision driven photography.  I really wanted to watch the whole webcast but as often happens, life gets in the way.  But the stuff I saw was awesome.  It was, to me anyway, a shining example of the real power of the internet.  duChemin is a fantastic photographer and teacher and without the internet I would never have had the opportunity to hear him speak.  Or at least, probably not.  Anyway, what was really nice about the experience was hearing him speak more about the art of photography and less about the gear.  I’m tired of hearing about gear as if it is all there is to making pictures so duChemin was a welcome relief from all the noise in the world of photography.  If you love photography as art, follow David’s blog.  You won’t regret it.  And you should probably buy his books, I did and I will let you know my thoughts on them next Monday.  For now let me just say that I am impressed with them.

If you have any opinion at all in the ongoing internet war on the subject of “free photography” then hop over to Kirk Tuck’s blog The Visual Science Lab and have a read on his take in the discussion.  I just follow all the rants with nominal interest as I have always been OK with the concept of live and let live.  I am reasonably sure that almost every photographer in the world has at one time performed his/her craft for free for whatever reason.  So what.

Jake is tired this morning.  For any of you who don’t know him, he is the king of the household.  See below.

This is Sir Jake, deep in thought after his morning rounds.

Just for the record, I did this portrait for no pay.  Whatever…….

That’s all I have for this Monday.  Please feel free to leave complaints/compliments in the comments.  I will only publish compliments and benign comments.  I can do that.

Now go make pictures.