Monday Morning Coffee

I did an overnight trip last week to Assateague Island National Park.  Sometimes its nice to just be somewhere alone with my cameras and nobody in my ear as I shoot.  I like these little getaways because they really help me to clear my head and enjoy the reasons why I got involved in photography in the first place.  All alone, I shoot and think about my craft and I make plans for the future of my business.  It’s kind of getting to be like a retreat for the board of the company, in this case me.



2 Comments to “Monday Morning Coffee”

  1. Nice shots! I agree – a person needs a place away from everyday distractions to concentrate once in a while (those are my favorite times)! The water at the shoreline looks like the edge of a blanket – beautiful! I also love the crooked tree – it made me feel like I had to tilt my head to look at it! 🙂

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