Monday Morning Coffee

I did a little reading this morning.  A couple of blog posts by some photographers I like to follow.  I’m not going to bother adding links to their blogs or even typing their names.  It just seems to me that a lot of photographers like to spend a lot of time whining.  No whining!

I’m waiting on my new fog machine to arrive in the mail today.  I’ve been looking to get one for a couple of years now and finally found one for a reasonable price.  I have big plans on using it for some “illustration” photography I have been wanting to do.

The picture above is just a picture, nothing to do with today’s post other than to adorn the page.  I love the random shapes I find in the natural world.

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks doing everything but photography.  I think I’ll make some pictures this week.


One Comment to “Monday Morning Coffee”

  1. its a lovely shot and great tone.

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