Where is my muse?

Photography…..for me……is a struggle.  I don’t know why I can’t put it down but I’m certain there are many people who wish I would.  Lord knows I have tried many times.  But I’m always drawn back into it.  No matter that I suck at it, I just have to keep making pictures and filling my hard drives with more garbage.  And I look at my “work” and get almost physically ill and yet I return to my camera, looking for something that it seems I may never find.  So I try new things, look at the work of other photographers, try more new things, study other forms of art then try more new things and on and on and on!  And through all of this, where is my muse?  What am I supposed to see?  What do I need to say?

Does this picture matter?

3 Comments to “Where is my muse?”

  1. It’s a fallen leaf looking toward the Sun for guidance and warmth. You’ve put a heavy vignette on that lone leaf which tells me that itis ignoring the grass around it. May I suggest that you put down the big guns, go buy a 35mm lomo/toy camera and re-learn shooting for fun?

  2. It’s a good shot and it appeals to me. Sorry you’re feeling out of it. When this happens to me, I find something else to do for a while. Maybe it will work for you, too.

  3. I think the consensus so far is to relax and take my photography less seriously. Good advice. And I am concentrating on something else for a bit as I have lots of woodworking to keep me busy.

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